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If you plan to operate a business in Oakland (including a home office), you will need to obtain a zoning permit called a Zoning Clearance. You do not need a Zoning Clearance if your business is located outside of Oakland or if your business activity is a rental property operator. The Zoning Clearance is granted if your business is allowed in the proposed location. In some instances, ahead of obtaining a Zoning Clearance, a proposed business activity must also go through a special Conditional Use Permit process to determine whether the activity will be allowed.

The Zoning Clearance is a one-time permit that is good as long as the nature of your business remains the same and in the same location. You will need this zoning permit before applying for your business tax certificate.

Obtain Zoning Information & Permits

You may obtain additional information about zoning permits and regulations via the Zoning Hotline (telephone), the Online Zoning Request Form or by visiting the Permit Counter. Zoning Clearances and other zoning permit applications are available online, but must be submitted and paid for in person at the Permit Counter.

Get current contact information and applications on the Planning and Building Department’s Application and Zoning Information webpage.

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