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Financing & Money
Good Local Money Guide

Good Local Money Guide

Sustainable Business Alliance is proud to present our new guide to Good Local Money for your Good Local Business. This guide has all you need to find out what kind of money (loan? investment? crowdfunding?) you can get for your local business.  Includes lots of great information, including listings of local providers, how much money you can get and what their requirements are. Please click the following link to view the full flyer http://sustainablebusinessalliance.org/goodmoney   Click here to view the Complete money Guide


Emergency Help for Struggling Businesses

Through good and bad economic times, small busineses occassionally need emergency help. Find some resources here.

Repairing Your Credit

In order to get business loans and other types of financing, you may find you need to repair your personal credit. These resources can help you get your credit back on track.

Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Planning

This section includes information on organizations that provide business financial planning consulting and classes, links to online information about accounting and financial planning, and a list of resources to help you find accountants.

Getting Grants
There are very few grant programs available to small businesses in Oakland or anywhere in the U.S.  Most grants are for non-profit organziations.  However, the City of Oakland does offer a matching grant program, and some organizations provide grants to business owners who complete their business training programs. 
Getting Loans

Oakland businesses have many financial resources available to them, from alternative lenders and community banks, to equity investors, community investment funds and traditional banks.  Oakland also offers a variety of classes and consulting resources to help business owners decide how much and what kind of money they need.

Finding Investors

Equity investment is one option for financing high growth businesses. As with loans, there are traditional investors and investors with a specific mission to support communities, or social or environmentally-responsible businesses.This section provides information to help businesses understand the implications of getting equity capital, the types of investors and their foci, and links to find specific investors in the Bay Area.

Tax Breaks and Saving Money

There are several incentive programs in Oakland that can help save money for businesses who operate and hire within certain areas, use energy efficient equipment and more.

Tax Requirements and Filing

See the Taxes, Licenses and Permits section of this website to learn about business tax requirements in Oakland.

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