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Decide on Your Business Structure

Every business must establish as a specific business structure, such as sole proprietor, C corporation, S corporation, partnership, or limited liability company.  Each of these different structures has important implications for your taxes, and safety of your personal wealth.  The decsion should be carefully thought out.

The following resources can help you determine which business structure is right for you, and get it set up. Make sure that you understand how each structure impacts how you can raise money to start and grow your business.


Choosing the Best Business Structure for You

Get Information Online About the Different Structures
The SBA website offers information about the different types of business structures and how to choose the best one for you.
Choosing a business structure

Consult an Attorney
Because this is an important decision, you may want to consult an attorney to help you.  If you do not have an attorney and need help finding one, see our legal help page.
Choosing and Finding an attorney


Register Your Business with the State

If you will be establishing a corporation, S corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, you must register with the Secretary of State.

There are fees to register a business with the state. Basic registration ranges from $70 - $100.

Time to Process
This process may take a few weeks, although you can often expedite this if necessary by delivering your paperwork in person in Sacramento and requesting to expedite.

Detailed information is available on the Secretary of State website.


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