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Business Tax Requirements

As an Oakland business, you will need to pay annual taxes to the City of Oakland, income taxes and/or self-employment taxes to the State of California, and the Federal government. Many businesses will also need to pay sales and use taxes to the State of California.

This section contains brief information about City business taxes and provides links for more information from the City, State, and Federal tax websites.

Paying Annual City Business Taxes
Businesses located in or operating in Oakland need to pay an annual business tax. Business taxes must be paid on or before March 1st of each year. Businesses will get a notice in the mail indicating that taxes are due and how to calculate them; it is the business owner's responsibility to renew their certificate on time.

City business tax rates vary per type of business.  A few types pay flat rates, but most are a percentage of sales (usually significantly less than 1% - only .1 to .5%).

Get detailed information about business taxes and tax requirements from the City's Finance and Management Agency website.

Small Business Exemption from Annual Taxes
Starting in tax year 2006, qualified businesses may be exempt from the payment of business taxes if annual gross receipts do not exceed $2,500 on ALL gross receipts (from within and out of the city). Tax years prior to tax year 2006 are not eligible for exemption consideration because the Small Business Exemption did not exist.


State Business Taxes
For profit businesses operating in California must pay business income taxes to the State of California. Certain types of businesses must also pay additional taxes. For example, businesses selling goods in the state must have a Resellers Permit and pay state sales tax. Get detailed information on state business taxes from California's Tax Service Center.

Sales and Use Tax for Online Sales (E-Commerce)
For information about sales and use taxes for businesses selling online, read the state's publication 109 - Are Your Internet Sales Taxable?


Federal Taxes
Businesses must also pay business income taxes to the IRS.  Get information from the IRS Business Website


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 Vist the Small Business/Self-Employed Tax Center here.

 Vist the Industrial/Professions Tax Center here.

 Attend the Virtual Small Business tax Workshop here

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